27Episode 27. How Effective is the Russian Propaganda? Guest: Elizabeth Nelson, George Washington University

26Episode 26. Russian Propaganda and TV Chanel ‘Russia Today.’ Guest: Linette Lopez, Business Insider and Columbia School of Journalism

25Episode 25. Propaganda in Soviet Era and in Contemporary Russia. Guest: Ann Cooper, Columbia School of Journalism

24Episode 24. Should USA Supply Offensive Weapons to Ukraine? Guest: Kimberly Marten, Columbia University

23Episode 23. Is Putin’s Popularity Real? Guest: Scott Gehlbach, University of Wisconsin-Madison

22Episode 22. Is Mikael Saakashvili an Effective Governor of Odessa? Guest: Volodymyr Dubovyk, Odessa Mechnikov National University

21Episode 21. Does Russian Opposition Have Political Future? Guest: Regina Smith, Indiana University

20Episode 20. Who Was Involved in the Euromaidan in Ukraine? Guest: Olga Onuch, University of Manchester

19Episode 19. The Kremlin Propaganda In Ukraine. Guest: Stephen Nix, International Republican Institute

18Episode 18. What Do Ukrainians Think? Guest: John O’Loughlin, University of Colorado

17Episode 17. Controversial Russian Movie, Leviathan, Nominated for Oscar. Guest: Peter Rollberg, George Washington University

16Episode 16. Is Putin a Neutral Mediator and Peacekeeper? Guest: Yulia Nikitina, MGIMO, Russia

15Episode 15. Which War Ukraine Wins First: For Territorial Integrity or Against Corruption? Guest: Oxana Shevel, Tufts University

14Episode 14. Will Better Ties between Russia, Turkey, and Azerbaijan Affect Armenian-Russian Relations? Guest: Sergey Minasyan, Caucasus Institute, Erevan, Armenia

13Episode 13. Will Putin Survive Until 2018 Presidential Elections? Guest: Nikolay Petrov, Higher School of Economics in Moscow

12Episode 12. Will Falling Oil Price Crush Russian Economy? Guest: Andrew Barnes, Kent State University

11Episode 11. Will Worsening Relations Between Russia and Belarus Tear Apart their Union State? Guest: Arkady Moshes, Finnish Institute of International Affairs

10Episode 10. Is Agreeableness of Population Key for Survival of Current Regime in Russia? Guest: Greame Robertson, UNC, Chapel Hill

09Episode 9. Will There be a Maidan in Moscow? Guest: Tomila Lankina, London School of Economics and Political Science

08Episode 8. Can TV in Russia Control Reality? Guest: Anrdei Makarychev, University of Tartu, Estonia

07Episode 7. Will China Stay Above the Fray Between the West and Russia? Guest: Pavel Baev, International Peace Research Institute Oslo

06Episode 6. Does Putin Control Siloviki or do They Control Him? Guest: Dmitri Gorenburg, CNA Corporation & Harvard University

05Episode 5. Would Cutting Russia off SWIFT Crush its Economy? Guest: Juliet Johnson, McGill University

04Episode 4. Will the New Ukrainian Parliament Fight Corruption Effectively? Guest: Volodymir Dubovik, Odessa Mechnikov National University

03Episode 3. Will the Kremlin Shut Down the Internet? Guest: Vladimir Gelman, European University at St. Petersburg & University of Helsinki

01Episode 2. What’s the Legacy of the Sochi Olympics? Robert Orttung & Sufian Zhemukhov, George Washington University

01Episode 1: Will Russia Invade Ukraine? Robert Orttung & Sufian Zhemukhov, George Washington University